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Arcoroc was launched in 1963 first as a brand for tempered glass. It then evolved towards a generalist professional brand for use in the restaurant industry, featuring cutlery, dinnerware and glassware, with products majorly made of glass material but also complementary ranges of porcelain and stainless steel products. All Arcoroc products are professional dishwasher safe.

A disappointed customer shared this on YuppieChef "I bought a selection of Arcoroc glasses for our beach lodge, as we are constantly replacing glasses. These were so expensive, I decided to get a couple of sets as a tester. They are so cheap and impossible to handle, guests not treating them as their own. I constantly get told to go with the generic looking cheap consol-style glasses but I just can't get my head around not having nice things in the rooms, which most of our guests appreciate, but with these it looks I chose the cheap looking".


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MARK says

"Not used my ‘superior’ Barman’s Barware kit yet but it looks cheap and nasty and I have no confidence it will last very long. The stainless steel couldn’t be much thinner and the quality of the utensils is pretty poor. Obviously this is just my opinion of what I’ve seen as I inboxed the stuff."

Will says

"Packaging of the product was poor which resulted in one of my glasses arriving broken."

Ms Frusher says

"Hermes failed to deliver my goods and Drinkstuff said they would replace the item and investigate. No replacement, no further contact, no money!!!!"

Red says

"Absolutely rip off for the price i paid" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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